What do we do?

Oddities is a brand new way to source goods for your company while doing social good. 

Oddities builds the confidence and self-management skills of people with autism through supported real life work projects funded by corporate clients.

Trainees work alongside a coach to complete the customer brief, learning research and presentation skills as well as building self-management strategies and growing in confidence.

Clients set the brief and our trainees source unique, Instagrammable interiors and gifts from charities, social enterprises and small businesses.

By choosing Oddities to source the things companies are already buying, our clients help to showcase autistic talent and become more informed about autism.

Why do we do it?

Our aim is to help autistic people and the wider community see autism as an asset, not a disability. 

Autistic talent is currently going to waste; only 16% of autistic people are employed and 77% of those unemployed want to work. By increasing visibility of autistic talents and increasing the self-confidence of our trainees, Oddities works towards a future where autistic talents are put to work in meaningful ways.

On a personal level, I struggled with self-belief following a late diagnosis of autism, but lockdown gave me the opportunity to shine in a voluntary organisation. I now believe I am more than good enough for work and I wanted to provide opportunities for other autistic people to believe in themselves too.

What’s next?

Oddities is in pre-launch stage and the implementation could take any number of forms in the future. It might be that a company wants to embed the model into their procurement or hiring practices, or that existing autism and employment charities wish to implement the model.

As a business, Oddities will launch as soon as we have enough money to hire our coach. We are currently assessing routes to market and we are keen to hear from potential clients, partners and investors. 

a beautiful vintage lamp
blue vintage vase with flowers